A transgirl, a transsexual, and a super A-class who live as cute girls!カワイイ女の子として生きる男の娘・女装男子・ニューハーフ、超A級揃い!

Kai Shappley


Kai Shappley is a 9 years old transgeneger daughter of Kimberly Shappley. Her mother rejected her community’s beliefs as her 7-year-old transgender daughter navigates life at school, where she’s been banned from the girls’ bathroom.
Kai Shappleyは、KimberlyShappleyの9歳(2020年現在)のトランスジェンダー娘である。 彼女の母親は、学校の信条に反するとして、コミュニティから拒絶され、Kaiは学校の女子トイレ使用不可とされた。

Dir. Daresha Kyi (Chavela), a Firelight Media Documentary Lab alumna, writes and directs film and television in Spanish and English. She is currently directing a feature documentary called Mama Bears about the ways in which the lives of conservative, Christian mothers are transformed when they decide to accept their LGBT children.
Firelight Media DocumentaryLabの卒業生であるDareshaKyi(Chavela)監督は、スペイン語と英語で映画とテレビを執筆および監督している。 彼女は、保守的なクリスチャンの母親がLGBTの子供を受け入れることを決心した後、その生活がどのように変化するかについて、ママベアーズと呼ばれる特集ドキュメンタリーを監督した。

When Kai was 3 1/2 years old, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. He stated that he was a girl at least six times a day. Everything was this: “I am a princess” and “I am a girl.” Whenever he says something like that, I go down to his level and say, “No, you’re a child.”
It never worked. Waiting until he was in the middle of something and couldn’t chase him, he would fix me, then go into the room and say, “I’m a girl!” She shouted. and it has run out again. I have done everything I can think of to stop this kind of speech. Timeouts, there were too many timeouts. There were smacks, shouts and endless prayers.Kai could only play with other girls and girls’ toys. He said the boys were “vulgar”.  I contacted even the daily care that Kai attended and asked them to leave every “girl” toy. They followed that, but Kai never changed his tune. This child’s stubbornness and courage is something I’ve learned a lot.
Kaiが3歳半の時、少なくとも1日に6回は自分は女の子だと主張した。 「私はお姫様なの」と「私は女の子よ」。 母はそのたびに「いいえ、あなたはまだ子供」と言い聞かせた。だが決してうまくいかなかった。 何度言い聞かせても部屋に入って「私は女の子なの!」と叫ぶのだ。 母は考えられるすべてのことを試し続けた。 Kaiは苛立ってモノを叩きつけたり、叫んだり、終わりのない祈りが続いた。Kaiは女の子の友達と、女の子のおもちゃでしか遊ぶことができなかった。 Kaiは「男の子は下品」だと言った。 母はKaiを理解して受け止め、以後、デイリーケアにも連絡を取り、すべての「女の子」のおもちゃを残すように頼んだ。 Kaiは決して自分を変えなかった。 Kaiの頑固さと勇気には、母も大いに学んだという。

A transgender actress was featured in an episode of the 2020 Baby-Sitters Club television series.
Kai Shappley, 9, starred in an episode of the 2020 Netflix series titled “Mary Anne Saves the Day”, where she plays a transgender girl, “Bailey.”
Transgender advocate and TransGriot writer Monica Roberts said the show handles the transsexual-themed episode “sensitively”.

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