A transgirl, a transsexual, and a super A-class who live as cute girls! カワイイ女の子として生きる男の娘・女装男子・ニューハーフ、超A級揃い!



She has a lot of fans with her pretty appearance, comfortable voice, and gentle and sad personality.
When she was in middle school, she found out that she was transgender, When she was in high school, she came out to her close friends saying that she would have surgery to become a woman later .
After entering college at the age of 20, she came out to her parents. She ran away because her parents could not accept it. At this time, she was scammed by a transgender sister she believed and followed, and she lost 18 million won, which she saved after working for two years. Eventually , she got a job at a transgender bar and collected surgery expenses. If she hadn't been scammed, she would have had plastic surgery two years earlier and had a woman's appearance.
20歳で大学に入学した後、両親にカミングアウト。 両親が受け入れられなかったので家を出た。 同時期、信じていたトランスジェンダーの先輩に騙され、2年間働いて貯めた1800万ウォンを失った。 結局、トランスジェンダーバーに勤めて、手術費を貯めた。もし詐欺に遭ってなければ、2年早く性別適合手術を受けて女性の体になっていたはずである。


「I thought about two career paths. Working at a transgender bar, I asked whether I would save as much money as possible when I was young and live with this money when I was old, or whether I would return to university and get a job at a regular company. All of my high school and college friends agreed that they should return to college. I returned to university. I went to school with hiding being transgender, and I thought I didn't get caught until I graduated. Later, when I asked my motive, it was said that there was a brief story among girls that Pani seemed to be transgender. After graduation, he joined Afreeca TV and started working on internet broadcasting.」
「私は手術後、2つのキャリアパスについて考えました。 トランスジェンダーバーで働いていた私は、若い時にできるだけお金を節約して、年をとった際にその貯金で暮らすのか、それとも大学に戻って普通の会社に就職するべきなのかを皆に尋ねました。 高校と大学の友達全員が、大学に戻るべきだと言いました。 私は大学に戻り、トランスジェンダーであることを隠して通っていたのですが、卒業するまでバレないと思っていました。 後で聞いてみると、女子学生の間でパニはトランスジェンダーらしいと噂になっていたようです。 卒業後、Afreeca TVに入社し、インターネット放送に取り組み始めました。」


In February 2019, she had a kidney donation operation for her brother who needs a kidney transplant. Through this, the relationship with the family became closer, and it was regarded as a concept YouTuber by fans and received a lot of praise. Her father used to call her a renamed name, but since then she has called her Pani.
2019年2月、腎臓移植を必要とする兄のために腎臓提供手術を受けた。 このことにより、疎遠だった家族との関係が緊密になり、ファンからはコンセプトYouTuberと賞賛され、高い評価を得た。 父親は、それまでは改名前の名前で呼んでいたが、それ以後、Paniと呼ぶようになった。




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