A transgirl, a transsexual, and a super A-class who live as cute girls! カワイイ女の子として生きる男の娘・女装男子・ニューハーフ、超A級揃い!

Thalita Zampirolli


She's the stunning model who has more than 613,000 followers on Instagram.
Brazilian beauty Thalita Zampirolli, from Rio de Janeiro, can probably be described as the nation's most famous trans woman who delights her fans with her sexy selfies and bikini photos.
She keeps little from her fans, posting videos from her workout classes and even sharing snaps from her visit to a liposculture clinic.
She said: 'I never felt right in my male body and always knew I was a woman inside."
Thalita had a gender reassignment to become a woman at the age of 18 that included having breast implants. Her toned and defined body, she says, is down to nothing other than exercise and a strict diet.
She said: 'I am a woman, I have a female sex organ and carry identification as a woman. Therefore I am a woman.'
タリータは、18歳の時、完璧な女性の体になるために性別適合手術と豊胸手術を受けた。 彼女の引き締まった美しい体は、運動と厳格な食事管理によるもの、と彼女は言う。

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